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Real-time Cost Estimating?  Yes!

Quickly find costs of all individual line items on a bid contract.



PinPoint connects buyers and sellers in our unique Marketplace experience.  Get multiple offers from material suppliers or equipment vendors who want to bid on your business to help you maximize your profit with no additional work.   


Everyone in the public works value chain wins with the PinPoint Marketplace.

Powerful Dashboards and Visuals

Powerful dashboards and insightful graphs and charts help you validate and optimize the right pricing for the job.

Eliminate math errors in your bids that could cost you million!

Quickly factor, and re-factor bids with the touch of a button to find the right pricing to win your next bid

Make your next bid, PinPoint Accurate!

Comprehensive insights into every project with real-time pricing data, leveraging hundreds of factors including weather patterns, market conditions, and historical trend analysis.

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PinPoint Analytics combines decades of experience in public works engineering and construction with data, Artificial Intelligence and analytics.

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